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  • What attire do I need for practicing yoga?
    Yoga is a kind of exercise that helps to relax the body and mind. The most important thing is to wear comfortable clothes. The clothes should not be too loose or too tight. Make sure your clothes don't expose or embarrass you, and allow you to perform a variety of flexible yoga poses with comfort and without restriction.
  • Do I need to be very flexible to practice yoga?
    Not required. The degree of flexibility varies from person to person, and our yoga instructors will provide assistance and guidance at any time, and properly adjust the poses that are more suitable for you. Students only need to practice according to their own physical condition and ability, and the position that they feel comfortable.
  • Can I practice yoga during menstruation?
    Yes. Practicing yoga is a good way to prevent or relieve menstrual pain, but we suggest that you can focus on ground movements. Avoid handstands and other movements during menstruation, so please tell the instructor before the class starts.
  • Should I have a meal before class?
    No. Please do not practice yoga when you are full, otherwise it will make handstands and other movements very hard. At the same time, you should also avoid hunger to prevent low blood sugar and discomfort. We suggest that you can eat bananas, dried fruits and other snacks in moderation before doing yoga.
  • Is there anything I need to prevent or pay special attention to when practicing yoga?
    If you have had any medical conditions in the past, Such as asthma, high blood pressure, or recovered injuries, Please consult your doctor before joining yoga classes. Please also inform the instructor of your special physical conditions before starting the class (especially conditions of the neck, waist, knee joints, etc.) Hence, the instructor can pay more attention to your condition during the practice. In the process of practicing yoga, if your body cannot bear to perform the specified yoga movements, please stop immediately and inform the instructor. The instructor will adjust postures for students/replace with other postures for individuals with special physical conditions. 🔥You have to inform your instructor about your current & past injuries! Don't ignore the consequences of pressuring your body🔔
  • How do I choose the right yoga class for me?
    Everyone's physique is different, and the intensity and goals they like to do are also different. We recommend that students try different yoga classes first, and then choose the category that suits them best. At the same time, there is no need to limit yourself to a certain type of yoga. We also recommend that students do different types of yoga on a regular basis to balance the abilities and needs of all aspects.
  • Should I come to class if there is a rainstorm warning or typhoon signal?
    Depends on the situation. If the black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted by the Observatory, for your safety, B Yoga will be temporarily closed. If you have already made an appointment for the class, we will contact you on the next working day to rearrange your bookings. If you have any questions during this period, please call us.
  • Class Difficulty 💚
    Please contact us if you're not sure which is the right level for you. 💬
  • Studio address 🏢
    💚Kwun Tong Studio 📍Room 1605, 16th Floor, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street 🚇Kwun Tong MTR Station Exit A2/B3 📞2129 2654 💛Mong Kok Studio 📍13th floor, Fee Tat Commercial Center, 613 Nathan Road 🚇Mong Kok MTR Station Exit E1​ 📞2129 2644 💙Tsim Sha Tsui Studio 📍1st Floor, Grandmark, 10 Granville Road 🚇Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit B1 📞3542 5852 ❤️Lai Chi Kok Studio 📍Room B, 25th Floor, The Globe, 79 Wing Hong Street 🚇Lai Chi Kok MTR Station​ Exit B1 📞2129 2634
  • Schedule 📅
    The following are the links of schedule by studio location. Due to the large number of classes, please wait patiently for the timetable to load after entering the page📅 Kwun Tong Tsim Sha Tsui Mongkok Lai Chi Kok If you have any questions, you can contact us on WhatsApp 😊📅
  • Do I need to bring yoga equipment to class?
    No need. B Yoga provides sufficient yoga equipment supplies, such as yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga wheels, aerial yoga hammocks and stretching straps.
  • Are there toilets and changing rooms in classrooms?
    Yes. Each studio has a toilet on the same floor, and there are also changing rooms in the venue for students.
  • How many people can the classroom accommodate?
    The venues of B Yoga are spacious, and there are different arrangements according to the size of the venue of different studios.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept VISA, Mastercard, EPS, cash, Tag&Go, Octopus, AlipayHK, WeChatPay, ATM/bank transfers, PayMe and Faster Payment System (FPS).
  • Can I apply for a refund?
    All payments are non-refundable. If you are not suitable for yoga due to pregnancy or health reasons, and you need to provide a doctor's certificate, we will suspend the package immediately after receiving your written notice of the suspension. Any overdue notification will be processed on the date of receipt of the written notification. The suspension period is capped at one year. If you can provide a doctor's written certificate that you are permanently unsuitable for sports, you can apply for a partial/full refund. Any discounts that have been enjoyed must be refunded at the regular price. Refund requests must be submitted with a Refund Request Form and a $100 administration fee must be paid.
  • Trial Registration ✨
    Hello✨Every new client can enjoy a trial offer👧🏼 You can follow the instructions on the website to register for the trial class♥️ 1️⃣Create an account ==================== Use email as your login account Please make sure your ✅Email is correct✅ ==================== 2️⃣Purchase a trial pack (valid for one month) ==================== •Mat yoga trial $100 (Book any topic under mat yoga type) •Aerial yoga trial $150 (Book any topic, incl aerial yoga type) It is recommended to pay by credit card online 💳 No handling fee🈚 Instant appointment for classes happening from the next day✔️ 🔥If you need to make an appointment for today's class🔥 Please complete the payment process on WhatsApp (57435229)😊 ==================== 3️⃣Appointment for trial class ==================== Book your class after understanding the difficulty of the class Please make sure you can make it before booking the class😊 Free cancellation 48 hours before class starts⭕ ·Cancellation within 48 hours for personal reasons is not accepted❌ You may pay additional fee to receive the credit back and book another class (If you wish to pay to receive the credit back, please contact us on WhatsApp) 📱 57435229 💬 ==================== ✔️Upon successful booking✔️ You will definitely receive a confirmation email📧 🚫If no confirmation email🚫 Maybe failed to make an appointment for a class❌ Please contact us immediately
  • Price ✨
    All new customers can enjoy a first-time trial offer ✨: - Mat Yoga $100/class - Aerial Yoga $150/class After the trial class, you can learn about the latest welcome package discount at the front desk😍 General package fee:

B Yoga保留一切更改條款及細則之權利 。

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